Tri-Unity Planetary Activations

Welcome everyone

This is Community for the ongoing Tri-Unity Planetary Activations – global meditations with our Soul Tribe.

Here we share more detailed and in-depth information to assist with our Activations and Meditations, including Registration and in-depth Training in Daoist Tri-Unity Meditation technique, passed on by The Dragon Gates Society (lóngménpài 龙门派) of the Complete Reality School (全真派) of Daoism.

Additionally, we will be connecting further as a Soul Tribe with the shared intent of bettering this reality, by anchoring continuous Light, Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Security in the world.

Love, Unity, and many blessings as we initiate this very important phase!

About The Dragon Gates Society (lóngménpài 龙门派) of the Complete Reality School (全真派) of Daoism

【The Dragon Gates Keepers (Planet Savers)】

The Dragon Gates Society (lóngménpài 龙门派) of the Complete Reality School (全真派) of Daoism incorporates elements of Tibetan, Mongolian shamanism, Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism into a comprehensive form of Taoism. The Dragon Gate society is an offshoot of the Northern school of the Complete Reality Taoism. Its spiritual descent is traced to the thirteenth-century master Qiu Chang-chun, Chang-chun means “Eternal Spring”. The master of Eternal Spring was one of the sages who advised and supported Genghis Khan to preserve the ancient civilization of China during the dark Mongol invasion. Genghis Khan appointed Chang-chun overseer of all spiritual traditions culture and knowledge in China, and the Dragon Gate sect, thus, played a critical role in the preservation of the China Tartary knowledge and acted as Guardians of knowledge and wisdom for China ever since. Now, after 2009, the Guardians are extending this to the entire world during this critical present time of threat and the evolution of humankind.

The DG preserved the same knowledge that the Persian, Sumerians, etc. had since it was the working model of the universe surviving from Atlantis through the Tartarian Empire and shared by the earlier cultures.

They are associated with the binary star system of Antares, the tail of the Azure, Dragon of the East to the Chinese astronomy, and the heart of the Scorpion constellation to the Chaldeans and earlier western cultures.


We will be joining the intent for upcoming Global Meditations and Planetary Activations.

The purpose of the Tri-Unity Meditations, is to help shield, safeguard, and increase the focus and manifesting powers of activations. This is an inner meditation practice and teaching, which reminds us that we are in our highest essence, when connected to Source/God.

As Tri-Unes, we are united as a Super-Soul family, and we anchor the light and intent more efficiently this way. Here all thoughts, notions or ideas of any types of interferences are eliminated. Here we are really safe, secure and nurtured within the mind, heart, and womb as One and within the sphere of our full radiant pure soul essence, where we are at peace with our existence as Beings of Light.

We come together here as One, as beings of Light, which brings the consciousness of our complete being, and here we generate the concept of the Tri-Sphere.

This way, the Light Community can feel safe and secure, by knowing we are supporting each other and staying in a space of complete Love, Bliss, Harmony, and Balance.

Much Love and Blessings to all

To continue, watch these Videos with teachings, shared by Dr Akmal El Tobgy:

Tri-Unity1 – Dragon Gates Tartaria Intro:

Tri-Unity Intro 2 – Tartaria:

Tri-Unity 3 – Planetary Activations:

Tri-Unity 4 – Configuration & Preparation:

Tri-Unity 5: Etheric Hygiene

Tri-Unity 6: Three Minds Meditation

Please, download and read this essential document, explaining in details Tri-Unity Planetary Activations


Next step, after you’ve watched all Videos and feel the resonance to become part of our Community, feel free to register, following the link below, in accordance with your date of birth, and choose the role you connect with (you may choose all three roles).

We also invite you to join our TELEGRAM GROUP here, where we share further communication on dates of Activations, as well as interesting information on planetary transformation.

Further Guidance

Tri-Unity Inward Meditation Steps

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your abdomen and feel your breath flow deeper and fuller.

Take a full and deep breath, bring your awareness to your brain, then feel the mind. Now, calm the mind.

When the mind is calm, with your intent, command the mind to slowly join with the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Feel the presence of the mind in the Navel/Sacred Womb.

Now feel the warmth, acceptance, peace, feel how all is present.

Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel your heartbeat and observe the emotions you are feeling. Now, listen to these emotions and assure yourself that it is okay to feel. It is safe now.
When the heart is calm, with your intent, command the heart to flow down and then feel your heart merging with your navel/sacred womb.

Feel the presence of the heart and mind in the navel centre. *Now, feel the warmth, feel acceptance, and feel peace as it is present, always.

Visualize a wave of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (20 cm above our head) connecting and flowing with the Soul Stars of the Trio.

Go internally not externally to the deep core within, around the Navel which forms a strong connection between us with God / Source and the universe, while maintaining the dimensional link with all versions of reality and timelines with our soul’s Unity of Being. Maintaining our connection with the Earth. See, feel, and hear the cleansing waves of light flowing over, through and connect with the Source Light on all of the six sides of the Earth.

Give permission to allow the Trio’s three soul stars to connect and unite for the purpose of manifesting the agreed intent.

State the intent to offer our pure continuous wave of God/Source light flow, via our Higher Self, and visualize bringing a swift end to suffering, trauma, pain and fear, transmuting them into Bliss, Contentment, Love and Security.

So Be it and So It Is!

Love Amplification

The Love Amplification of our combined intent with our “Inward Meditation”, is guiding steps to amplify any meditation that is active for our planet at this final breakthrough period.

By connecting to God/Source within, and with our collective intent this way, we can amplify any intent and any situation in our trisphere formations.

We have 100 times boosting capability this way and we are securing our environment in this manner, and then so, we pass the light pillar to the world directly from Source/God, and provide safety and amplification in this way.

It is for this reason, that we encourage all to incorporate the intent for the financial situation to be purified with the violet flame into your Tri-Unity meditations at this time.

We may also use the Tri-Unity configuration/meditations to significantly increase the effects of major activations, such as the upcoming Portal of Light activation in May.

Step 1 of that meditation instructs us to “Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness” – it is here that we would proceed with our Inward Meditation steps and use the intent of the steps.

It is Intent of the meditational steps we hold when we bring Light throughout the planet and here we add all of the intent to our light pillar that we direct towards the earth plane.

Step 2 and 4 would be followed as written (May 1st meditation) by the entire triune formation holding that intent.

Then, in step 3, rather than having the Pillar of brilliant white Light go through our bodies, (for Etheric hygiene purpose and for ultimate protection in oneness of all meditating for optimal results)
we may use visualization/pure intent to bless, direct and modulate that Light to ensure it Flows throughout the planet with the most beautiful and secure vibratory resonance possible.

Reminder: for any meditation steps, we can insert it as agreed upon, and enter the intent of that meditation within our inward steps or our light that flows towards the world/planet by the following:

“See, feel and hear the cleansing waves of light, flowing over, through and connect with Source Light on all six sides of the earth.””

By adding the touch of our Tri-Unity Inward Meditation to these types of meditations, a low number of meditators can be greatly compensated for, thus ensuring highest success for the divine Light.

100,000 active meditators could be amplified to the Force of 10,000,000 meditators.

Please continue to practice the daily the Inward Meditation steps and let us create Unconditional Love for all on the planet and anchor Pure Light, Bliss and Peace to all in Oneness.

Lowering Senses to Womb

Here are some guiding steps for lowering the senses before the inward steps, and how intention sphere, energy sphere and the guardian sphere roles are visualized or felt:

The visualization is all within the Womb/Navel.

As we bring our senses down, Source/God observes all within and that is where everything occurs.

The mind calms and is lowered into the Womb/Navel, the heart calms and is lowered within the Womb/Navel, and also the senses.

Once we calm and unify within the senses and the organs (mind, heart and womb/navel) we make the connection to Source/God, then there the visualization/feeling/intention/energy/guardian – spheres within takes place.

The intent is placed into a pillar of light that we direct towards the earth plane.

For instance:

We like to visualize the earth within the womb/navel when it comes to the point of continuous light flowing to the world/planet, as if we we larger light beings, observing the world.

We place ourselves, always regulating, within the highest violet sphere, then maintain the feeling within the womb/navel, that all is secure and safe, then there we visualize the light anchoring for energy sphere, there the intent can be maintained as well, seeing the world/planet/waters/air/earth core/plasma/plants/trees/all of life, in it’s highest state and purified.

The highest intent is held when we see the world as she is whole and in her pure state.

Since we are working on the earth plane we have the guardian that supports the outer sphere to protect and guard the spheres.

Light Beam

We wish to remind all that with any meditation intent, we influence and modulate the light beam to achieve the required results of harmony, peace and balance and connect with the light beam externally, while it enters into the earth, and so modulate it with our thoughts and intent, then we maintain the connection to Source/God within in our Tri-Spheres for any meditation can be the light beam that we modulate and beam this way for the specific intent we wish the light entering into the earth to have.

“See, feel and hear the cleansing waves of light, flowing over, through and connect with Source Light in all six sides of the earth”.

By continuing our Inward meditation steps and our trios and placing all our intent within the beam of Light that we direct and modulate, which is coming to the earth plane, we amplify the effects of this and all intents we wish to increase this way, by going within and maintaining the connection to God/Source at all times and always being present within our highest light Violet Sphere.

Much Light and hope all have been enjoying these blessings of the internal alchemy practice.

May the Light be with us always.

Much Love and Peace be with all.

The Basic guidelines for any Tri-Unity Meditation are:

We connect with our element quadrant (Tri-Unes and singles first) then with the other elemental quadrants. Connecting all Tri-Spheres of all elements together.

This way it combines
1- Individual Soul/Consciousness/Source/ God link.
2- Triune (Trio) awareness and link
3- Elemental Quadrant awareness and connection.
4- All Trios configuration in unity.

Mandala of Tri-Unity

This is an example of Mandala formed with Soul Tribe participating… We update it when new members join and share it at our Telegram community.

~ Each trio is connected with a white line.

~ The entire formation is protected in a Rainbow Sphere for Highest Protection and as a Reminder we are Whole and connected with God/Source.

~ The Manifestation Sphere is around the planet as White/Pearlescent sphere.

~ The Energy sphere is Blue/White and in the middle.

~ The Guardian Sphere is Violet and in the outer sphere.

Then, we have our Rainbow Sphere to complete our formation in Unity and Oneness.

We collectively hold the Intent to Maintain Earth in the highest Essence and in the Purest form with Pure Unconditional Love.