Sustainable Projects

Here we share current projects we support with Creators.Earth Funding.

At the moment there are 2 Sustainable Projects we raise Funds for and support with free Conscious Leadership programme:

  1. BALI, Slums of Karangasem, Plastic Processing Project

Many families in Slums of Karangasem don’t have money to buy food, pay for their rent, or for doctor services. Mbahkung has been coming and living in slums with community for the last 2 years, sharing healing and encouraging local people to start little businesses like growing food (creating little gardens) and plastic processing.

Few months ago one family started Plastic Processing Project, collecting plastic around the area, also buying plastic from local community, and bringing trucks of plastic to Java to Plastic Processing factory, and has had some success.

Recently Father of family got sick, and due to high medical bills they are forced to sell the truck. His wife is pregnant, and they also have to pay for rent of their little house (300,000 IDR which is around USD21 per month) plus debt for few months. They are in desperate need of financial support. We raise Funds not only to cover their medical bills and debt for their house, but also to help them expand Plastic Processing Project to involve more people from local community, buy few more trucks, and help with building skills in management, as for most people this is their first business.

This project will help to give hope to families, and help with cleaning the area from plastic.

We don’t share the name of the family by their request.

Thank you for your kind donations.

2. Character Building Education for Children in Orphanages in Bali
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Mbahkung has 11 his own children, and has been working with children, sharing Create! Programme, integrating Acting, Poetry, Music, Drawing, and many other disciplines, for over 30 years. Mbahkung created Character Building Education Programme, which helped many underprivileged and disabled kids to receive free education, develop skills in poetry, music, and acting, and even become well-known actors in Indonesian movie industry.

This time we would like to travel around Orphanages in Bali, sharing Create! Programme with children. We also need funding for publishing several Children Books written by Mbahkung, which will be given to children for inspiration and spiritual growth.

Please, donate below, thank you!