Meditation 2021

25 April 2021 we gathered as Creators of New Earth, uniting our vision, working together raising Frequency for ourselves and the Planet, connecting to Higher Self, visualizing new Future for the Earth and our Soul Purpose, reading Akashic Records, understanding which value we bring to Humanity and Local Community.

After Meditation we had Spiritual Coaching session, writing Creative Plan of Actions to fulfil our dreams, step by step.

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What to expect on Global Meditation?

2h Global Meditation, together raising the frequency of ourselves and all of Humanity. Connection to Higher Self. Self-Coaching for dreams formulation on basis of Higher Perspective of Conscious Leadership and value you bring as a Soul to the Planet 5D. Creative Plan of Actions for self-realization. Like-minded community. Connection.

Part 1. Introduction. Why are we Creators? How to upgrade DNA? Secrets. Neuroscience hacks for success.

Part 2. Global Meditation for Creators of New Earth. Unfolding Spiritual Purpose and Mission. Akashic Records. Meditation on Dreams Realisation. What do we bring to Humanity and Local Community

Part 3. Part 3. Spiritual Coaching session. Fulfilling our dreams. Creative Plan of Actions

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